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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

" I'd Like to check you for ticks"

Brad Pasley's song totally inspired the title of this post. Except for the fact I would like to STOP!! checking for ticks. Some of you may not know but this tick season has Mike and I at a total loss.

When we moved into our home we were noticing that the dogs ( Max and Bella at the time) were starting to get some ticks. We had started spraying the yard and changed from the cheap store brand of flea and tick treatment to the exspensive Advantix. We also started spraying the yard. We have been facing this battle ever since. It died down for a bit in the winter, but as spring is approaching the ticks have come back FULL!! force. We spray the yard about once a month and were bathing the dogs in anti-tick and flea shampoo also still using the Advantix once a month. And we still get them horribly.. last week 22 of them on Bella (and this is after checking them daily) we now have our little Titus whom just finished his puppy shots which has me worried to death.

We have been talking about getting the dogs the Lyme disease shot and tossed the idea. It wasn't until my co-worker's 8 month old boxer got lyme disease where I totally freaked and talked to Mike and said we had to get the dogs their Lyme shot and see what else we could do.

So here we are 1 vet visit down ( for all 3 dogs) a change from Advantix to Fronline Plus, Garlic pills ( suggested by Titus' breeder and groomer) Heartgaurd meds, continuing to spray the yard and baths with the anti- flea and tick shampoo. We face this on going battle. I just pray we see some relief. Next the Oleander is to come out of the yard so there is no way the ticks can hide.
This is like armagedon!! can it please end?

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